I Found My Father in a Women's Prison: The Journey Begins
Dr. Tracey Brown
Publisher: Casa de Snapdragon Publishing LLC
Binding: Paperback, Kindle, & Nook
ISBN: 978-0-9793075-3-9
List Price: $15.95


Review by Janet K. Brennan

Come spend some time in Richland Louisiana Parish Detention Center, a prison in the Deep South, with Tracey Brown, as she takes you into the lonely and often frightening world of the female inmate. Life as she knew it ended the day she was arrested for identity theft and sentenced to three, ten year sentences to be served consecutively...

When the bars closed behind her, Dr. Brown was suddenly thrown into a world that consisted of a 6x8 foot cell containing a bunk and a rusted out locker. As she cried herself to sleep on that first night, abandoned by her own family and friends, she suddenly realized that she would not be going through this ordeal alone. Finding a bible tucked away in the locker, she quietly asked the prison guard to whom it belonged. "It is yours if you want it," came the terse reply and, having been stripped of all of her worldly belongings, she quickly held this only possession close to her. She had a Bible.

This book is an eye opening documentary of Tracey Brown's days and nights spent in an environment most of us could never tolerate. It is filled with beautiful scripture and exquisite poetry written by Dr. Brown. Every day in jail presents something new to write about and, incredibly, thank her Father, the Lord, for sending her way. Although she spends her days shut off from the rest of the world, she manages to find joy in the smallest of pleasures. Things that we take for granted in our everyday lives, soon become cherished gifts in the austere world of prison.. Yet, Ms. Brown finds beauty in all of it.


"Ms Jesse, the supervisor, promised a dorm-wide shakedown today, so we were all ordered out to the big yard. There were several other dorms already 'on the yard' when we arrived. There were two teams playing volleyball, but most of the inmates were either watching the game or visiting with friends. I sat down in a shady spot on the grass and started to read my Bible."

"The sun was so bright that I took a moment to shield my eyes and thatís when I saw it; an incredibly small flower pushing its way through the mortar between the bricks and one of the dorm walls."

Detailing the psyche behind the female criminal, delving into the reasons for drug abuse, child abuse, theft, and murder, she adroitly handles each sad revelation and incorporates it into her inspirational poetry and lessons learned while being incarcerated.

"The prison dress in prisons reflects the old idea that in order to make bad people good, it is necessary to make them as uncomfortable and ugly as possible."

I found this book to be touching and inspirational. It shows how a human being can endure even the most difficult situations one can imagine and, with the help of God, rise above it.

This book is being released in October 2007 and is published by Casa de Snapdragon Publishing.

-- Janet K. Brennan