Hazy Expressions
Katrina K Guarascio
Binding: Chapbook
Where to Buy: Maverick Duck Press

Review by Janet K. Brennan

Anyone fortunate enough to come across this up and coming poet, Katrina Guarascio, is in for a treat. Her style and compassionate understanding mixed with true grit will set a smile upon your face as your turn each page and ingest her tender words.

Hazy Expressions is a joy ride through pages of perfectly executed and thoughtful poetry where she successfully manages to paint portraits with her words, albeit describing a moment in time or the turn of a lover's head

Ms Guarascio is primarily a character poet and never is it more adeptly displayed than in her charming poem "Alice" where she writes of a little girl playing in her yard, seeing far more than a three dimensional world and making sense out of the simple things around her. In "Mary," one can not help but feel they are eavesdropping on two best friends, sitting, having early morning coffee, while discussing love

"She looks at me
shakes her head,
and smiles;
the same smile
she gave me
when I told her
I was over
the last one."

In "Cahir" we are dreamily taken through a poetic odyssey where the reader is left to determine if in fact this is an historic moment in time or a pensive dream-scape

"Billy's" one of my personal favorites, takes us into a neighborhood bar as she writes with the true grit that is her hallmark.

"This is the place where
your biggest worry
is deciding on your next shot,
and your biggest bother
is settling for Lights because
they are out of Reds"

"Late Summer Rain," previously published in Chantarelle's Notebook and Sp Quill Spring, 2006, is by far the most revealing of this young poet's true talent. Her delicate brush strokes depict the tenacity of the human spirit in its own will to rise above the challenges in life by simply observing and inhaling life itself.

Loved this little chap book! -- Janet K. Brennan