Taste the Textures: A Male Perspective on Romance and Sensuality
Ian Adam Bravestone
Publisher: Lulu
Binding: Hardcover
ISBN: 978-1-4303160-9-1
List Price: $32.96


Review by Janet K. Brennan

After having read this delicious cocktail of sensuality, inner reserve, fun, eroticism and fantasy, I was left with the feeling that I must now go back and read it again.

Perfectly orchestrated in every way, this symphony of words, accompanied by tasteful and free-flowing eclectic art, took me to levels of a very grand sensual and spiritual journey as Ian Adam Bravestone's gazelle-like writing slips the reader masterfully into and out of each new poem

Artfully separated into five chapters, which include Sensual Romance, Know Thyself, Playful, Erotic Romance and Imagination, he thoughtfully includes a section for notes at the end of each chapter. Although certainly not a manual for lovemaking in the sense of Kama sutra, one gets the feeling that perhaps there is something that needs to be delved into more deeply in ones inner sensual cognizance. A belief that deep sensuality and eroticism is a celebration of life to the fullest, a dance in which every one of our senses will only serve to enhance this glorious gift.

Bravestone does not simply write a poem, he creates a painting on a silken canvas of liquid colors soaked in hues of pleasure

In "The Evening Bath" we are guided through the texture and tastes of an exquisite moment

"Lie Back
Smell the lavender stem
picked for you
Tongue the beads of moisture
on your lips."

And in "Good Morning"

"I kneel in the white field of linen
and gaze upon the fertile land
where the pale slopes peak
to the color of cherries
riped for Harvest."

"Crossed a Bridge" in his "Know Thyself" Chapter, brings smiles and gentle laughter in the memories we all have of being very young and coming to grips with our own sexuality, that first experience when we are suddenly aware of the fact that we are who we are on the sexual elipse of life.

Quickly we move to play in Chapter Three where we are expertly guided through a day of skiing and the very important intimacies that we need to share with our best friend before the sun actually sets and the day's intimacies take form.

"With skis positioned in the racks
And the evening young
I bound to you like a deer crunching
In the snow."

And in the delectable, "Recipe," we have a metaphorical glimpse into the author's mind of how nourishing a perfect relationship can be to both the body and the soul

"Splash a cup of shiraz
Smell the love
Cover five minutes"

Erotic Romance is my personal favorite of Bravestone's creations. In this chapter, he tastefully winds his way through the art of lovemaking akin to the divine and in this chapter he delves into the book's title, allowing us to taste and feel the glory and fulfillment, the "textures" to be found in absolute sensuality and love

Last, but most certainly not least, is the gorgeous "Imagination" where Bravestone leads us down an evergreen path of fantasy.

In "Dragon's Song" we visit a futuristic world of beauty, peace and new beginnings

"two new dragons to soar freely in the skies
roaring a new concord of earth and nature, with my
new-born cerulean love, "dragonpoe"

This final chapter is filled with lovely odes and passages to the author's own "lady" and it is in the finale that we see the culmination of all that there is and should be to a fulfilling and lasting relationship

Written by an expert craftsman of the arts, this book is a "must read" for all adults. It is an indulgence in pleasure and one that I intend to have as part of my own library.

-- Janet K. Brennan