Speak Right On
Mary E. Neighbour
Review byJanet K. Brennan
This intense and moving book by author, Mary E. Neighbour is one that I will not soon forget. Indeed no one will. I hesitate to go into any of the clichés while reviewing this book for Speak Right On is anything but a cliché.more...
Raven Wire
Matt Pasca
Review byJanet K. Brennan
Poet Pasca writes this book with a keen sense of mastery of the poetic form. It is candid and straight to the edge,more...
86 Sonnets
Mary Barnet
Review byCarol Smallwood
I was attracted to the title of this new poetry collection by Mary Barnet, the Founder/Editor more...
Out of Balance
Michael Arkin
Review byJanet K. Brennan
Out of Balance hits the deck running from the very first paragraph to the last. What at first appears to be a larger than life story quickly adjusts its vision and the reader soon comes to the important fact that “Out of Balance” is primarily about the sad and tragic lives of the children and spouses who are the innocent victims of sexual and physical abuse in the home.more...
Mice Verses Man
R. Jay Slais
Review byJanet K. Brennan
Slais is a poet with true grit who writes of life in multi-dimensional style. I had the impression from page one that I was about to be taken on a poetic journey and Slais did not disappoint.more...
Water under Water
Charles Adès Fishman
Review byLaurel Johnson
Finding a new book of poetry by Charles Adés Fishman in my mailbox is a blessing because I know from past experience that treasure rests between the covers.more...
Seven Cities of Mud
Florence Weinberg
Review byJanet K. Brennan
To read Florence B. Weinberg's book "Seven Cities of Mud" is to step back in time to a place in history few of us know or understand.more...
The Not so Patient Advocate
Ellen Menard
Review byJanet K. Brennan
Author, Ellen Menard has written a book that belongs in everyone’s library, on the top shelf where it is easy to reach.more...
No Nukes
Dr. Santosh kumar
Review byJanet K. Brennan
This philosophical and ecclesiastic poem by Dr Santosh Kumar is a life’s quest in the working of a mind that understands the present nature of the world, terrorism, its causes and possible solutions.more...
Crazed by the Sun
Lynn Strongin
Review byJanet K. Brennan
This magnificent anthology, which features some of the best poets I have read in many years, is a work to be studied for its importance and contribution to world literature.more...
Harriet Murphy - A Little Bit of Something
Janet K. Brennan
Review byD. Allen Jenkins
The book cover flap of Janet K. Brennan’s latest release, Harriet Murphy: A Little Bit Of Something, invited me to grab a cup of coffee, sidle up to the table of a nineteenth century log cabin, and accept a freshly baked piece of apple brown sugar pie. The baker of said pie, it seemed, wanted to tell me her story. So I did, and what a vivacious story it is!more...
A Dance in the Woods
Janet K. Brennan
Review byDr. Santosh Kumar
Janet K. Brennan’s novel A Dance in the Woods describes the Benton’s family psychological adjustment to the sad death of their eldest daughter Beth. The sufferings of innocent Beth and her unfortunate death is not the dying of an ordinary girl, but the vanishing of a beautiful dream as revealed by Brennan in her amazing autobiographical novelmore...
Harvest of a New Millenium (2008)
Editor: Santosh Kumar
Review byJanet K. Brennan
Cyberwit Publications has gone and done it again in the production of another masterpiece with its newest release, Harvests of New Millennium. This magnificent book is a composition of fine art and poetry from artists around the literary world.more...
The New American
Mary Barnet
Review byJanet K. Brennan
Open the pages of this book and you will enter into a world you thought you knew; however you will quickly find yourself transported into something quite differentmore...
Taste the Textures
Ian Bravestone
Review byJanet K. Brennan
After having read this delicious cocktail of sensuality, inner reserve, fun, eroticism and fantasy, I was left with the feeling that I must now go back and read it again.more...
Adrift in the Holy
Lou Davies-James
Review byJanet K. Brennan
What is Love? Even if you thought that you knew the answer to this question, in Lou Davies-James exquisite book, "Adrift In The Holy, a Journey Through The Heart," you may come upon some surprises as well as brilliant insight to just what the answer to that question truly is.more...
Different Worlds - A Virtual Journey
Editor: Santosh Kumar
Review byJanet K. Brennan
This beautiful piece of art and literature is a compilation of short stories, poetry, and artwork from authors and artists around the world.more...
I Found My Father in a Women's Prison
Tracey Brown, PhD
Review byJanet K. Brennan
Come spend some time in Richland Louisiana Parish Detention Center, a prison in the Deep South, with Tracey Brown, as she takes you into the lonely and often frightening world of the female inmate.more...
The Making of Tibias Ivory: Freedom's Quest
D. Allen Jenkins
Review byJanet K. Brennan
This book by D. Allen Jenkins addresses the delicate issues of interracial love, bigotry, deceit, tragedy, and, ultimately, grace. It is a "MUST READ" for all ages.more...
Dr. Santosh Kumar
Review byJanet K. Brennan
Dr. Santosh Kumar leaves no doubt in the minds of his readers that he is praying for a better world... a world without the evils of war; is it possible?more...
Hazy Expressions
Katrina Guarascio
Review byJanet K. Brennan
Anyone fortunate enough to come across this up and coming poet, Katrina Guarascio, is in for a treat. Her style and compassionate understanding mixed with true grit will set a smile upon your face as your turn each page and ingest her tender wordsmore...