Sandia Mountains in Albuquerque, New Mexico
Photo by Art

Watermelon High

Janet Brennan

The sun sets wide
over the mesa
Generous on most evenings
Glow casting
Watermelon, pink
Color named
under sun drenched sky
That great Sandia,
that mountain, high

Sweet Chameleon
she changes, challenging
to take a guess at
what is in her soul
The Ancient Ones knew
as they listened well
to her silent rumbling
Exploring every inch
of that great
Watermelon, High

Rising. . . desert
She gazes down on all
Benevolent, fixation
of her sage and wilde-grass
protecting her rugged,
rocky mantel, steep
Extending an invite
to know her beauty, bare

A trail stranger passes
Skin parched, brown
legs, strong
Boots thick with dust
Takes a long drink
from the raw-hide
at his side
Stopping once, he shakes his head
"Do you ever tire of her. . .
Yonder Watermelon, high?"


Copyright © Janet Brennan All Rights Reserved.

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